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Information about classrooms

From 1st grade elementary school

to 3rd grade junior high school

 and graduates aged 15 and over

Are you eligible?

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First, learn Japanese for daily life

and to study in school.

Do homeworks and study school

materials together.

We also provide support for

High school exams.



what kind of study?

Volunteers like the students of the Japanese teacher training course

actual / former company employee,

active university assistant professor, former teacher,former civil servants, students, people with overseas experience, etc. who want to help children with foreign roots.

who are the teachers?


how much is the participation fee ​?

Each classroom costs 3,000 yen

per semester.

Classroom visits are always free.

​Visiting application: From here


What about infection control ?

We are taking measures against infection.

Wearing a mask, hand disinfection and check body temp.when entering the room,

Avoid the 3 Cs in the classroom, and use ventilation and long desks for 2 people (one teacher and one student).

Make sure to leave a space between

each row, etc.


Regular classes

All classrooms are one-on-one, and the following learning guidance is provided.

1. Learning Japanese for daily life

  Write hiragana, katakana and kanji. write sentences read what you wrote. Read books, etc.

Do reading comprehension works. Make friends by playing karuta and cards.

2. Guidance on homework and school materials

  Do homework brought by children, kanji drills and other school materials together. 

  Find out what you don't understand and go back there to teach.

3. Exam preparation (3rd year junior high school students)

      Foreigners special selection (writing and interview)

Write an essay of 600 characters. Practice interviewing.

Students who take general exams (3 or 5 subjects) study subjects.

  (Solving past problems in Japanese, mathematics, and English, etc.)


 Elementary    16:00-17:30    Tokiwadaira Ekimae
 both             17:30-19:30    Shin Matsudo
 Jr.High          17:00-19:00    Tokiwadaira Ekimae
 Elementary    10:30-12:00    Tokiwadaira Ekimae

 Japanese       13:30-15:00    Tokiwadaira Ekimae
 Jr.High          15:30-17:30    Bunka Hall
 Jr.High          13:30-15:00 (16:45)  Yu Matsudo

Participation fee: 3,000 yen per semester for each classroom

​ Feel free to visit

Please come!


Tokiwandaira-ekimae classroom

Classroom Information/Access

Tuesday classroom;
・For: Elementary school students
・Time: Tuesday 16:00-17:30

Thursday classroom;
・For: Junior high school students
・Time: Thursday 17:00-19:00

Saturday classroom;
・For: Elementary school students
・Time: Saturday 11:00-12:30

1-20-4 Tokiwadaira, Matsudo-shi Ryokuseikai 2nd floor (2 minutes walk from Tokiwadaira Station on the Shin-Keisei Line)



コピー ~ かけはし27-2面の1 火曜教室 .jpg
26  2面-1火曜.jpg
コピー ~ かけはし25 火曜教室 付け足し写真.jpg

Bunka-hall classroom


Classroom Information/Access

・For: Junior high school students
・Time: Saturday 15:30-17:30

1307-1 Matsudo, Matsudo City Matsudo Building 4F International Friendship Room

(JR Matsudo Station West Exit  5 minutes on foot)

かけはし25 2.3面-7 文化ホール.JPG
かけはし 27-3面 文化ホール1.JPG
(E)文化ホール 2.JPG

Shin-Matsudo classroom



Classroom Information/Access

  • For: Elementary school students, junior high school students

  • Time: Wednesday 16:30-19:15

3-27 Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo City Shin-Matsudo Civic Center

(Next to Matsudo City Hall Shin-Matsudo Branch, about 10 minutes on foot from Shin-Matsudo Station)

TEL 047-343-6500

かけはし27ー2面 新松戸  _edited.jpg

​ Feel free to visit

Please come!

Intensive study session


Summer vacation classroom

In addition to Japanese, we have summer vacation homework and science experiments as free research. Held almost every year.

・For: Elementary, middle and high school students
・Time: 5 days at the end of July
・Venue: Bunka Hall, Matsudo Civic Hall, etc.


Summer class_1.jpg
Summer class_3.webp

・Participation fee: 500 yen


Sunday class

Prepare for the high school entrance exam.

・For: 3rd grade junior high school students
・Period: Over 20 days from October to February on Sundays
・Venue: Yumatsudo, Kinro Kaikan, etc.
・Subjects: ① Japanese: 2.0 hours
②Mathematics: 1.5 hours + English/Social/Science (optional): 1.5 hours

① and ② are held alternately every week


Sunday class.webp

・Participation fee: 6,000 yen (including winter vacation class)


Winter vacation classroom

Prepare for the upcoming high school entrance exam.

・For: 3rd grade junior high school students
・Time: 5 days from the end of December to the beginning of January of the following year
・Venue: International Friendship Room (Matsudo City Cultural Hall)


・Participation fee: Included in the Sunday class

Winter class.jpg

Exam classroom

From October 2022, the above ;Sunday classroom and ;Winter vacation classroom will be combined and named Exam classroom. The contents of implementation are almost the same.

Social gatherings and other activities for children



A meeting where the students of each classroom present the performances they have practiced, enjoy games, and deepen friendships between parents and children of elementary school students and staff.

Held annually on the first Saturday of December.

コピー ~ おやこ会.jpg

Let’s talk with seniors

A meeting where seniors who have become high school students are invited to talk about school culture, club activities, and give advice on entrance exams while interacting with each other.

Held annually in mid-September.

Photo_senpai to hanasou_1.JPG
Photo_senpai to hanasou_2.JPG


congratulations party

At the end of the school year, a “one-day bus hike” is held for all students to celebrate their advancement to the next grade.Held in late March every year.

(E)バスハイク 横浜.JPG
(E)バスハイク お台場.JPG

Dokusho Koshien

In October 2010, Mr. Hayashi’s team from our association won the Special Encouragement Award at the Dokusho Koshien sponsored by the Asahi Shimbun.

Application for classroom visit

For classroom tours, please contact us by phone or by using this form.

Telephone 047-345-2051

thank you very much

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