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Culture hall classroom

Welcome to ESCO


Children from overseas may quickly learn Japanese in daily life, while they are struggling in schools reading and understanding Japanese textbooks.

We try to support them who has problems like "difficult to communicate with teachers" and "doing home works" with studying together.  

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Regular Classrooms

All classrooms are one-on-one style, studying

Japanese language and arithmetic (mathematics) etc.

In the elementary school classes, play games like Japanese cards (Hyakunin-Isshu and Karuta).

​Please feel free to visit us. 

Classroom Hours

 Elementary    16:00-17:30    Tokiwadaira Ekimae
 both             17:30-19:30    Shin Matsudo
 Jr.High          17:00-19:00    Tokiwadaira Ekimae
 Elementary    10:30-12:00    Tokiwadaira Ekimae

 Japanese       13:30-15:00    Tokiwadaira Ekimae
 Jr.High          15:30-17:30    Bunka Hall
 Jr.High          13:30-15:00 (16:45)  Yu Matsudo

Intensive Sessions

​ Summer Vacation Sessions

In end of July, we hold summer vacation classes for elementary, junior high and high school students.

In addition to Japanese, do summer-vacation-homeworks and "Jiyuu-kenkyuu" (science experiments and crafts).

Preparation works for Entrance Exams.

For the students going through "High school's

Entrance exams", we have special classes

on Sundays from October to February and 5 days

 the end of December to January during Winter vacation.

​ All for 3rd year junior high school students and graduates.


Other Activities

Various activities for children to perticipate and

enjoy interaction with the people in our community.

"Let's Play Outside", "Party with Family", "Let's talk with

Graduates of ESCO" and so on...


From 1st grade elementary school

to 3rd grade junior high school

aged between 7-17.

For what age?

Icon_Kids hands_edited.png

Japanese for daily life and to learn subjects in school. And, prepare

for Highschool's entrance exams.


    What Subject?

The students to be a Japanese language

teacher / former business person, professor, students and so on...

Who are teachers?


How much for Join?

Each classroom costs 3,000 yen per semester. 

Free trial application From here.


What about infection control?

Mask, Hand Wash and Temperature measurement when entering the room.

Make sure to leave a space between each row, etc.

Please visit us


Request for support to our association

​Staff recruitment

We welcome those who agree with

the purpose of our association

and work as staff or volunteers

who teach in the classroom or participate

in other activities of our association.

Request for donation

For the cost of teaching materials to be given to children and the cost of creating our original teaching materials, leaflets, etc.

Donations to the certified NPO like our association will be tax deductible.

Please help us.

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