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Greeting from the Chairman


In the current globalized world, many children with foreign roots come to Japan and are enrolled in local elementary and junior high schools.

Those children did not come to Japan voluntarily. The reason they come to Japan depend on their parents. After arriving in Japan, they are not able to speak Japanese for a while, but within a year they are able to listen and speak. However, many children struggle to acquire the ability to read and write and understand Japanese school textbooks. We support such children by helping them with their studies. We are not a "school" nor a "cram school". Residents living in the same area as the children (such as graduates of the Japanese language teacher training course, former teachers, people who formerly lived abroad,  ex-office workers, housewives, students, etc.) are looking after the children who have become new residents. Children are unique and mentally strong. Through my activities I have been energized and taught various things by them.




In Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, mainly targeting children who came from abroad and entered local schools.

The purpose is to provide them support for learning Japanese and to contribute widely to the public interest.



Activities can be divided into three categories.

One is Regular study group, Intensive study group, and the other exchange meeting such as Oyako-kai party.

Office location


7-517 Shinmatsudo, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture 270-0034
TEL/FAX: 047-345-2051


Other activities


Voluntary lectures

1. January-March 2009;Training for Japanese language instructors for foreigners; Conducted 9 times

      This course takes the form of submitting a plan from the Association and entrusting it to the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

2. April 2012-February 2013 ;Lecture on Support for Children of Foreign Nationals"8 times
     This course was conducted with the support of the Kirin Welfare Foundation.


Cooperation with 

other groups

We are a member of the following organizations

  1. Chiba International Exchange Center

  2. Matsudo International Exchange Association

  3. Matsudo NPO Association

  4. Boso multicultural network

  5. Matsudo SDGs Network

Matsudo International Cultural Festival

In every October/November, we set up a booth at the international cultural festival sponsored by Matsudo City, where we make presentation of our association through wall displays and oral presentations.

Mirai Festa

We open a booth where you can enjoy the promotion of the association, greetings from around the world, and games such as kanji quizzes.

Flea Market (Spring/Autumn)

Participation in the flea market held at Shin-Matsudo Park in April and October

  1.  Sale of clothes, accessories, shoes, pottery, etc. (donated by our supporters and members)

  2. Selling steamed buns made by backers


  • 1996 May Tokiwadaira classroom started with 4 children

  • 1999 Apr.  Start of “Bunka Hall Classroom”

  • 2003 Sep.  Became a specified non-profit corporation

  • 2004         Conducted a joint project with Chiba prefecture , “Survey and research on how foreign children

  •                  and students should be taught Japanese”

  • 2005 Nov.  Reported the results of the above questionnaire survey and held an opinion exchange meeting

  • 2006 Sep.  A benefactor gave us to use Tokiwadaira Ekimae Classroom

  • 2007 Aug.  Children participate in the Tokyo Port Cruise & Igo Class funded by Nippon Yusen and Nihon Ki-in.

  • 2008/2009/2010 Collaborative Project with Matsudo city;Foreign Children Support Project implemented

  • 2009 Jan.-Mar. Conducted 9 sessions of Training program for Japanese Language Instructors commissioned by

  •                  the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

  • 2009 Feb. Conducted a project commissioned by Chiba Prefectural Office of International Affairs ;Model Project                    for Promoting the Creation of a Multicultural Society with Junior and Senior High School Students.

  • 2010 Oct. Asahi Shimbun "Dokusho Koshien"; Hayashi team from our club                    (Chinesenationality)wonthe"Special Encouragement Award

  • 2010 Dec. Collaboration project ;Financial Career Education with Ichikawa Technical High School 

  • 2011 Feb. Received Asahi Shimbun;Asahi Nobo Education Award

  • 2011 Jun-2012 May Chuo Rokin Subsidy Project "Kanji teaching materials 300 for Foreign Children"

  • 2012 Jun-2013 May Chuo Rokin Subsidy Project Mathematics Teaching Materials;Arithmetic and Mathematics         Workbook for Foreign Children (actually completed in March 2014)

  • 2012 Sep. Relocated Tokiwadaira Ekimae Classroom

  • 2012 Nov. Became a certified NPO corporation

  • 2013 Feb. Participated in the 3rd Study Group on Language Life in Immigrant Communities hosted by the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (Toyama City)
    Current Situation and Support for Children of Cross-Border Families: A Case Presentation from Matsudo City

  • 2013 Aug-2014 Jan. Received recommendations to our association based on basic marketing research by NPO Service Grant

  • 2016 Dec.  Received "Chiba Nippo Education Award"

  • 2019 Jun. NHK News Watch 9  Our "Basic Law for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education" introduced.

  • 2019 Jul. NHK Sibu-Goji introduced our association and foreign children who cannot speak Japanese.

  • 2019 Nov. NHK Ohayou Nippon was featured on the wall of the increasing number of foreign children and high school entrance exams

  • 2019 Dec. NHK Metropolitan area network introduced "high school entrance exams for foreign students".

  • 2020 Sep.“Shin-Matsudo classroom” started.

Articles of Incorporation/Finance


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